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Puppet & Marionette shows for all ages!

Jean Kuecher dazzles audiences at preschools, schools, libraries, churches, theaters, organizations and birthday parties. The stories are followed by a revealing demonstration of how everything works. Raccooney, the finale, thinks he is real and all the children are stuffed people! Everyone is welcome to pet Raccooney!

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Jafar, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Genie Marionettes

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are tricked by Jafar in this exciting story from  "The Tale of the Arabian Nights." The Genie creates a wonderful castle, but is required to obey whoever owns the magic lamp. With marionettes flying in and out, this is a fascinating story of suspense and wishes that come true. Learn to identify the main character, goal, problem and solution.

Length - 45 minute
Audience size - 200

“Students at Pattison Elementary loved Jean Kuecher’s Aladdin marionette puppet show. The  special effects were awesome and they loved seeing the set and puppets 'behind  the scenes'. Thank you, Jean, for an awesome  presentation."

Donna Sparks,  Librarian, Katy ISD


Beautifully handcrafted marionettes perform on an elaborate stage. The spinning wheel changes straw into gold, the Elf snares the Queen's father, and the King's horse comes to the rescue. The audience will help the Queen learn the name of  the Elf. The string puppets combined with beautiful scenery,  music and lighting will dazzle your imagination. Following the performance the  fascinating back stage secrets are revealed. Learn to identify the main character, goal, problem and solution.

Length - 45 minute
Audience size - 200

Rumpelstiltskin and the Miller's Daughter Marionettes

"Jean Kuecher's puppetry is completely magical.  Our students were transfixed as her compelling characters came to life. The magic continued as the show ended and the students got to see the stage dismantled and the "behind the scenes" workings!"

Marsha Whitmore, Elementary School Librarian

Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince

Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince Marionettes

The famous French fairy tale, "Sleeping Beauty and the Handsome Prince" by Jean Kuecher's Marionette Playhouse, will dazzle all ages with beautiful handcrafted marionettes on strings. The Good Fairy helps the Handsome Prince battle the Dragon belonging  to the Wicked Witch. Then the Prince can't remember how to wake up the Princess Sleeping Beauty, so he asks the audience! Learn to identify the main character, goal, problem and solution.

Length - 45 minute
Audience size - 20

"Jean  Kuecher's Marionette Playhouse is the best! I book her shows throughout the  year and the kids love every performance. She knows how to engage children and they leave the show with smiles on their faces and with a new understanding and appreciation of puppetry. She is the only performer I have booked consistently throughout my time as a Children's Librarian with Houston Public Library."

Roberto Zapata, Children's Librarian
Walter Branch

Queen Esther

Hand-crafted marionettes portray the ancient Biblical story of "Queen  Esther" complete with an elaborate stage, beautiful scenery, harp music and sound effects. The colors, the lights, and the movements make an enriching  performance. Set in Persia, the marionettes play the courageous Queen Esther, her cousin Mordecai, the evil Haman, the King's horse, and the King of Persia. Learn to identify the main character, goal, problem and solution.

Length - 45 minute

Audience size - 200

Queen Esther and Mordecai Marionettes

"Our children are fascinated by the marionettes and thoroughly enjoy every performance.  It's  so much fun to watch their faces and listen to their laughter.  Our staff has a great time too!  They particularly like Mr. Bones and Raccooney.  Jean is a master puppeteer."

Janice Wietstruck, Assistant Director
Zion Lutheran School

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Santa Marionette in the North Pole in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

The marionette show opens in Santa's North Pole workshop where we meet Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves and Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. The sleigh travels to a snowy forest for scene two, where Rudolph's nose has become frozen in the snow storm. The lovely Snow Queen comes to help Santa with a wonderful way to warm Rudolph's nose. Then the sleigh  continues to the home where Santa leaves gifts.

Length - 45 minutes
Audience size - 200

"With intimate small groups or a cafeteria full of students, Jean Kuecher, master puppeteer,  educates, and entertains all.  Her standard of professional excellence is evident throughout her programs."

Aileen Kirkham, Tomball Elementary School Librarian

Nativity Black Light Puppet Show

The Nativity Black Light Puppet Show, with beautifully designed Biblical characters, shares the story of Christ's birth. Beginning with Isaiah's prophecy and the donkey ride to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph are amazed at the visitors to their blessed stable: angels, shepherds, sheep, camels and kings. Bible verses and hymns provide the script. The fluorescent puppets are illuminated by black lights. The performance is most beautiful in a darkened room.

Length - 20 minutes

Audience size - 300

Nativity Black Light Puppet Show

"Jean’s puppet shows capture the imagination of children of all ages and gets them excited about  puppetry as an art form. It is so impressive to me that there is just one woman  behind that stage making everything happen. Puppetry is a wonderful medium for storytelling and teaching new concepts to children."

Amy Willerson, Education Director, Young Audiences of Houston

Science Black Light Puppet Show

Swimmy Blacklight Puppet Show

"Jean Kuecher has been performing puppetry for our entire library system. We have hired her repeatedly because she has  delighted children throughout the county with her extraordinary talent. There is nothing more gratifying than watching a child's face light up while  watching one of Jean's puppet shows. Jean is talented and professional. We will continue to hire her again and again because we  listen to our little critics."

Lynda Edwards, Program Coordinator
Montgomery County Library  System

Glowing black light puppets teach science concepts and vocabulary as Fran (a puppet) tries to decide a science project to research. Energize your science curriculum with short puppet stories of: life cycle of insects: metamorphosis, larva, pupa; life cycle of plants: seedling, germination, pollination; animals: prey, predator, cooperation within the ecosystem; water cycle: solid, liquid, gas; evaporation, precipitation, condensation; energy cycle: sun, energy, photosynthesis, drought; food chain: producer, consumer, decomposer, scavenger; planets, solar system, orbit of earth and moon; dinosaurs, fossils, extinction; adaptation, ecosystem, habitat, migration, inherited traits, inherited behavior; camouflage, instinct; five senses of the human body; global warming: adapt and survive. A darkened room is wonderful!

Grades PK-5

Length - 45 minutes
Audience size - 300

Friendship Black Light Puppet Show

Lion and the Mouse Blacklight Puppet Show

Glowing fluorescent puppets teach friendship skills and strategies to prevent bullying. Colorful and heartwarming stories about friendship and cooperation are performed in the black light stage. Enter the beautiful undersea world with Swimmy, by Leo Lionni, and learn the value of teamwork and safety. The Lion and the Mouse realize that agreeing to be friends will help them both. The troll under the bridge learns to share with The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The third little pig gains friends by doing his best in difficult situations. Learn to identify the main character, goal, problem and solution. An adult helps as a puppeteer with the Swimmy story. 


Included stories:

Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Three Little Pigs

The Lion and the Mouse - Aesop's Fables

Grades PK-5.

Length - 45 minutes

Audience size - 200

"What a treat for children to see live Puppet theatre in a day when so much is digital and electronic. Jean's programs are exceptional and offer young people a unique experience."

Ellen Campos,  Librarian

Troll in The Billy Goat's Gruff Blacklight Puppet Show

Favorite Stories Hand Puppet Show

Wolf in the Three Little Pigs Blacklight Puppet Show
Wolf in the Three Little Pigs Blacklight Puppet Show

Enjoy a whimsical puppet show of your favorite stories and songs with lots of audience participation. Children huff and puff with the wolf in The Three Little Pigs and then decide the ending. Play the parts of Little Red Riding Hood's mother and the woodcutter. Sing along with The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Five Little Ducks Who Went Out to Play, and The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Fly.  Learn the science of metamorphoses with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For the  finale, see your favorite marionette characters and Raccooney too! This performance by Master Puppeteer Jean Kuecher will teach students (and teachers) how to make your favorite stories into puppet shows. Learn to identify the main character, goal, problem and solution. Be inspired to make your own puppets to perform your own favorite stories.

For children ages 1 to 8

Length - 45 minutes
Audience size - 150

"Marionette  Playhouse did an excellent job involving my 3 & 4 year olds in storytelling.  The puppets really held my children’s attention throughout the stories.  Thanks for doing a wonderful job."

S. Cooper, Oakwood Head Start

"Polished, professional productions that delight audiences of all ages.  Puppetry at its best." 

Karen Stanley, Librarian, Rosenberg Library
Galveston, TX

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